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Cloud SRM

Our solution enables integrated, intelligent and efficient management of the whole procurement process, which in turn reduces costs, boosts efficiency, and promotes business growth.

More than 4.1 million companies worldwide are SAP Ariba customers; transactions in the Ariba Business Network connecting all global customers of SAP Ariba amount to USD 2.8 trillion per year.

Thanks to its integrated procurement processes, customers of SAP Ariba can make business partners out of millions of counterparts around the world with just a few clicks in all areas, including but not limited to strategic sourcing, procurement and placing>
DDI, a consulting partner of SAP Ariba, supports customers with the Ariba solution which enables them to manage the total procurement process from vendor identificaiton and selection, contract formation, delivery, warehousing to settlement, resulting in true digital innovation in every step of the procurement process.

Best Practice

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    Ariba implementation

  • Doosan Digital Innovation

    Ariba implementation

  • S company

    Ariba implementation