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We support maximizing the value of customer equipment through telematics systems that enable operational status monitoring as well as malfunction response, preventive maintenance, and fuel economy management.

Convergence with ICT is now an immediate requirement due to the recent advances in construction machinery and industrial equipment, including improved stability and environmental awareness.

Telematics of industrial equipment can be used in diverse areas, such as preserving the value of customer assets and improving productivity, as well as managing dealer-to-customer relationships and customer service, creating opportunities for parts sales, and enabling product R&D for OEMs.

Doosan Digital Innovation has set up diverse industrial telematics systems including but not limited to ① DoosanCONNECT of Doosan Infracore, ② DooTMS of Doosan Process Machinery Ltd. in China, and ③ Lin-Q of Doosan Industrial Vehicle.

Also, Doosan Digital Innovation acquires, processes, and provides data from more than 50,000 units of equipment around the world including North America, the EU and China, while designing and providing diverse service products based on data analysis and customers’ business.

Best Practice

  • DICC

    DooTMS system implementation

  • Doosan Infracore

    DoosanCONNECT Web,
    Mobile App implementation

  • Development of a telematics data-driven preventive maintenance product called Smart Maintenance