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'The color representing the Doosan Group'
“Endeavour Blue”
“Working hard on new things”
Endeavour Blue is the color of initiative and positivity.
It is the color of determination for a new world with positive thinking and a thirst for challenges.
Endeavour Blue is a warm, hopeful color for a bright future.
It is the color of vitality that foresees the future and prepares for it with a positive attitude.
Rules on background color application
For the logo on the background in the main color or black & white,
100~80% white and 20~0% exclusive colors are used.
Clear Space
Securing a margin around the logo prevents the logo from looking cluttered or chaotic by being overly adjacent to elements such as headlines, main text, and images. Always use minimal margins to maintain the logo’s original form and maximize visibility and visual impact.

Wordmark_ Clear Space A

Wordmark Clear Space A

When applying Wordmark, it is necessary to secure sufficient space according to the space regulations.
Based on Doosan’s “D” height, there must be a minimum space of “D” height on all sides.

Wordmark_ Clear Space B

Wordmark Clear Space B

Margin B can be applied if it is difficult to assure readability due to space constraints in outdoor media, such as outdoor advertising and stadium fences, where readability is important.