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As a fundamental system that supports the continuation and expansion of business, ERP manages full-scale information related to sales, supply chain, manufacturing, and service in an integrated way, and provides installation services for the process and system that provides reliable financial/costing data that can strengthen the core competitiveness of the company.

The industry to which a company belongs and the services/products it provides may vary, but the ERP system provides solutions that are the foundation of growth as a trustworthy company, from supporting the core tasks of each department to collecting and managing information between departments without omission.

Through systematic process and solid ERP solution construction, ERP provides timely information to employees and management to strengthen the company's operational framework and core competitiveness, as well as enabling the expansion of enhanced processes and systems for each area, such as customer management (CRM) / manufacturing management (MES) / partner management (SRM) / design management (PLM) / planning management (S&OP).

Best Practice

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    (Korea/China/Belgium/United States)

  • Doosan SAP ERP
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  • Build Transaction Services with Doosan Infracore SAP & Doosan Bobcat Oracle ERP

  • Doosan Bobcat SAP
    ERP implementation and Expansion

  • Solus Hungary
    a new factory SAP ERP implementation

  • Doosan Heavy/Engine/DoosanENC
    Oracle ERP operation services