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Microsoft 365

Introduction strategy of Microsoft 365 to innovate organization-wide business practices and productivity, along with support services for smooth transitioning, improving of operational environment and facilitating the use of newly introduced services.

Microsoft 365 provides the office app suite and services for connection of workforce and collaboration up to completion regardless of time and space.

Doosan Digital Innovation offers diverse tools for business automation, data analysis and visualization that provide powerful insights, so that your staff can work efficiently and make prudent decisions.
Doosan Digital Innovation also utilizes EMS for the strongest integrated security environment in the industry, with efficient security features for managers, as well as a safer environment for users to reduce overall cyber risks.

Best Practice

  • Doosan Group

    Microsoft 365
    introduction and related changes

  • K Company

    Microsoft 365
    introduction strategy consulting

  • C Company Microsoft 365
    Set-up consulting, infrastructure set-up, supply of solutions