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Doosan Digital Innovation wins 2020 A.N.D.Award



Doosan Digital Innovation (DDI) won the top award at the 2020 A.N.D.Award (Awards For New Digital Award) in the field of digital media & service from corporate group.

Organized by Korea Digital Enterprise Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation and Korea Internet & Security Agency, the A.N.D.Award is the most prestigious digital marketing award in Korea. The jury boasts field experts, acting CEOs, and industry professionals who fairly select 64 winners among categories in two fields of digital media & service and digital ad & campaign.

Winning the award for Digital Media & Service in the Conglomerate category, Doosan Infracore’s website was renewed and reaunched in March 2019, showcasing design, responsive technology, and online brand image for three websites, namely Doosan Infracore and Doosan Infracore Construction Machinery/Engine, in keeping with digital trends.