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Platform to support product lease,used product sale, post-sales service, and recycling business in an integrated manner.

"Downstream" collectively stands for business activities other than mainstream manufacturing and sales activities of new models in the construction machinery market. Our Downstream Platform integrates all systems for such downstream businesses.

The Downstream Platform is organically linked and composed of diverse systems as follows:

Portal Site
Online channels for downstream businesses, such as online advertisement and sales of secondhand products, leasing, and paid services
Mobile App
Contact-free mobile work environment for paid/free or leased service at customer touch points
Dashboard System
A dashboard (visualization) with important information on sales and service activities, as well as a space for collaboration among stakeholders including customers
Operation System
A business support system for downstream business operation, along the lines of semi-ERP
An integrated data management solution (customer Database)
Provide data management solutions utilizing / reflecting CRM expansion with integrated management of various data amassed through downstream sales and business activities

Best Practice

  • Doosan Industrial Vehicle

    Downstream Platform implementation