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Doosan Digital Innovation jumps into the NFT business, launching its first NFT product using photos and game footage of professional baseball players


- Dapper Labs cooperates with Anchain to launch an NFT business, plans to build a Korean NFT ecosystem
- The beta version of the first product using professional baseball can be seen in the NFT metaverse “Dooverse”
- “We will create a new NFT ecosystem and become a leader in the blockchain industry”

Doosan Digital Innovation (CEO: Sukwon Park, hereinafter referred to as “DDI”) collaborated with the virtual asset platform company Anchain.AI in Silicon Valley and the blockchain startup Dapper Labs to launch an NFT business, and plans to take the initiative in building a Korean NFT ecosystem.

“NFT” stands for non-fungible-tokens, a technology that can impose a unique code that cannot be copied or modified on digital assets to authenticate the content. The transaction history remains on the blockchain, which guarantees its uniqueness permanently. It has emerged as a next-generation blockchain market overseas and has become a topic of interest in Korea earlier this year, leading many corporations to rapidly enter the industry.

The NFT from DDI is the first NFT product to utilize pictures of professional baseball players and game footage. It contains symbolic moments of the legendary Doosan Bears players with various records in the Korea Professional Baseball Organization (KBO) using images and game footage. The highlight scenes of the player during a match can be permanently stored in an NFT, which cannot be damaged. The NFT products can be found in “DOOVERSE,” Doosan’s metaverse business.
The NFT to be launched utilizes the blockchain platform “Flow” which was developed by Dapper Labs, a company that created “'NBA Top Shot” and the cat caring game “CryptoKitties.” Flow has six innovative technologies, including a multipurpose architecture, resource-oriented programming, and developer ergonomics, enabling its improved support, high compatibility, convenient user experience, and safe yet fast speed.

AnChain, a company with blockchain technology, will also play a key role in DDI's global network for the NFT business and cooperate to ensure that DDI can successfully enter the Korean NFT market. With its virtual asset security technology, Anchain’s technology has been proven as it signed a contract with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide the technology to analyze and track smart contracts. In DDI's "DOOVERSE," AnChain’s artificial intelligence-based security technology will be used to provide users with safe NFT transactions.

“We will create new value by connecting sports and technology with the launch of the first NFT technology-based sports card platform in Korea,” said Robert Oh, Doosan Group’s Head of Digitalization and COO of DDI.
“By combining technology and various businesses, we will strive to become a leader in the Korean market and Asian markets.”

Doosan Digital Innovation
Doosan Digital Innovation (DDI) BU is a division of Doosan Corporation providing a wide range of digital services from consulting, system integration, application system services, to platform and infrastructure services for Doosan’s affiliates and clients, operating globally through its accumulated digital capabilities and global partner networks.