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IBM Korea chooses Doosan Digital Innovation as a security partner


IBM Korea (CEO Sung-shik Won) announced on the 1st that the company signed a strategic security partnership with Doosan Digital Innovation (CEO Sukwon Park) providing a global security control center and security consulting and services.

IBM will provide global integrated security solutions and services covering technology, process, security intelligence, resources, evaluation indicators, and reporting for Doosan.

Through this partnership, IBM will provide the IBM X-Force Threat Management (XFOX) program with the operational technology capabilities including professional personnel and governance to build and expand Doosan Digital Innovation's global security control center.


Sung-shik Won, the President and CEO of IBM Korea (left), and Robert Oh, the Head of Digitalization of the Doosan Group and COO of Doosan Digital Innovation (Vice President)

Introducing the Cloud Pak for Security will enhance and automate the processes of the control center and modernize the security control center.
Cyber security designers will work with industry experts in the manufacturing field who can understand Doosan's global industrial environment and security requirements to provide expert consulting, security intelligence, and management services.

“For a global company like Doosan that is leading digital innovation, cyber security is an important mid-to-long-term task,” said Robert Oh, the Head of Digitalization of the Doosan Group and COO of Doosan Digital Innovation (Vice President). “With IBM Security, a company with global level security capabilities, we expect to establish a world-class global security model and secure our operational capabilities.”

IBM Korea CEO Sung-shik Won said, "IBM provides the world's most extensive security research and services while operating a global security team with more than 10,000 patents," and emphasized that "by combining our world-class security capability, unrivaled global experience, and specialized industry expertise, we plan to support Doosan Group's digital innovation and the safe and stable operation and management of the company’s global businesses.

The global security control center program that will be provided to Doosan Digital Innovation is a service based on IBM’s experience and expertise accumulated through building security control centers for industry clients around the world and monitoring and managing more than 150 billion events a day in 130 countries.

The global security control program is based on the state-of-the-art IBM X-Force Threat Management (XFOX) solution, which can be flexibly adjusted according to the client’s environment. As a next-generation intelligent integrated security control service monitoring and reporting threats around the world, it includes AI/ML-based security information and event management (SIEM) platform operation, advanced processes through SOAR, preemptive security intelligence provided through security intelligence analysts, endpoint detection and response (EDR) management, accident response, maintenance services, and consulting.