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Doosan Digital Innovation joins up with Cybereason and IBM Security to participate in ISEC 2021 and “present a solution to strengthen cyber security systems”


- A joint booth was operated with Cybereason and IBM Security for the “ISEC 2021” held at COEX from the 21st to the 22nd
- A keynote session lecture shared the prevention and technical defensive methods against the ransomware that is recently spreading
- A track session was held on “Global enterprises and strategies for next-generation security reinforcement”
- The goal is to disclose cyber security system reinforcements on a global level and enhance competitiveness in the security market

Doosan Digital Innovation (CEO Sukwon Park, hereinafter referred to as DDI) will jointly participate in the 15th International Security Conference “ISEC 2021” with global cyber security companies Cybereason and IBM Security to present a solution to strengthen the cyber security system.

The “ISEC 2021” which will be held at COEX in Samseong, Seoul for two days from the 21st is the largest security conference in Asia sponsored by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Ministry of the Interior and Safety and hosted by the Korea Internet & Security Agency and Korea Council of Chief Information Security Officers.

For this event, DDI will present two sessions as a keynote and a track. For the first keynote session, the company will share the defensive technology and preventive methods against ransomware which has been spreading recently under the title “Winning against ransomware” with Eric Nagel, the General Manager APAC of Cybereason. Ransomware is a major risk faced by businesses all over the world, continuing to evolve in form. Now, even people with little background knowledge can use ransomware for attacks using Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS). This continued evolution has become a major concern for businesses, and this session aims to lecture on why the capability for multi-layered ransomware prevention is so important now and how security leaders can protect their organizations from cyber security attacks.

The track session will be conducted with IBM Security on “global enterprises and strategies for next-generation security reinforcement.” The session will share strategies on how companies can prepare for the future in the face of increasingly intelligent external attacks and deliver measures to reinforce the company's security.

"With the rapid increase in ransomware attacks recently, the investment and competitiveness of a company’s cyber security have become more important than ever," said Vice President Robert Oh (Head of Digitalization and COO of DDI. "During this conference, our aim is to share measures to strengthen global cyber security systems with Cybereason and IBM Security and solidify our competitiveness in the security market."

As cyber security threats such as ransomware are on the rise, strengthening the global security for all affiliates has become the mid-to-long-term digital transformation task for DDI. The goal is to build the strongest security system in Korea by cooperating with Cybereason, a strong player in Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution, and IBM Security, a global security leader.

Doosan Digital Innovation
Doosan Digital Innovation (DDI) BU is a division of Doosan Corporation providing a wide range of digital services from consulting, system integration, application system services, to platform and infrastructure services for Doosan’s affiliates and clients, operating globally through its accumulated digital capabilities and global partner networks.

Cybereason is a global security solution company founded in 2012 by Lior Div, a former Israeli cyber intelligence officer, and based in Boston with additional offices in Tel Aviv, London, and Tokyo. Cybereason is emerging as a strong player in EDR and next-generation antivirus (NGAV) solutions with specialized technology such as machine learning and big data analysis. Clients include Lockheed Martin, Softbank, and Wells Fargo, and more in over 50 countries.

IBM Security
IBM Security is a company offering a leading portfolio in integrated enterprise security products and services. Supported by the world-class IBM Security X-Force® lab, the portfolio enables organizations and businesses to effectively manage risks and protect their business from new threats. IBM is a company that leads the world’s most extensive security research and development and provides various security services. Over 150 billion security issues a day in 130 countries are monitored by the company with more than 10,000 security-related patents worldwide. Find out more on or the IBM Security Intelligence blog.