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Managing Director’s Message

Doosan Digital Innovation Europe was established on May 1st 2014 with the mission to support European Doosan affiliates through the delivery of professional IT services.

  • A flexible and scalable infrastructure (at all layers including Hardware, Operating System, Database; Applications and presentation devices)
  • Clear and value adding processes
  • Professional and accountable people dedicated to our customer, to our company and to their self-development
  • Focus on technology innovation

The recent introduction of fully integrated systems like OTMS (Opportunity tracking), ERP, Project Planning and Document Management systems was an important first step. Many additional projects are currently being evaluated in line with the demand of our customers and key innovation trend:

  • Social: Doosan Wide Group Portal, Intranet & Collaboration
  • Cloud: Many of our services are already cloud based and where appropriate we are looking at further extension of such services
  • Mobile: Pervasive Access that redefine the boundaries of our workplace and processes. Given the geographically disperse nature of Babcock sites, access from mobile devices is seen as a key enabler of Doosan workforce
  • Big Data: Reporting and Analytics ; Plant Remote Monitoring, engineering simulation and analysis

DDI Europe, Doosan Babcock and the rest of Doosan affiliates have ambitious goals that require truly great people and innovative technologies. It is by embracing the values & traits of the Doosan Way (like limitless aspirations, tenacious execution and resourcefulness) that we will achieve our goals.

Gio D’Alessio

CEO, Doosan Digital Innovation Europe (DDI Europe)

Gio D’Alessio

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