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Managing Director’s Message

Thank you for your interest and support for Doosan Digital Innovation of America (DDI America).

Doosan Digital Innovation of America (DDI America) has supported Doosan affiliates since its inception in 2011 by providing total IT services through Application Maintenance, Infrastructure Maintenance, Consulting and System Integration.

Doosan Digital Innovation of America (DDI America) strives to build a trusted working relationship with Doosan affiliates. With our process-focused teams, we align ourselves with our customers and have improved efficiency of operations and the delivery of our services.

Customers expect IT service providers to improve service delivery while lowering costs. These goals are generally contradictory, however, Doosan Digital Innovation of America (DDI America) has identified cost reduction opportunities while improving service delivery to meet our customers’ expectations.

Doosan Digital Innovation of America (DDI America) focuses and invests on our employees to make them the best in their profession and by doing so providing the best service to our customers. We share a common goal of continuously improving and expanding the business while providing excellent services to our customers.

We look forward to a successful future that is full of changes, challenges and opportunities down the road.
I am confident that as one Doosan, we will overcome any obstacles along the way to achieve our goals.

DDI America’s mission is to provide the highest quality technology-based services that enable our Doosan customers to consistently achieve their own strategic business objectives. DDI America will remain a trusted strategic partner through personable, reliable support that has the utmost quality and consistency.

To meet this mission DDI America will:

  • Provide world class technology support for the infrastructure and application services we provide to all our customers.
  • Encourage a culture of proactive operational support to minimize unplanned work and increase resource capacity for our customer’s strategic IT projects.
  • Get results in an environment of ongoing “shift-left” through knowledge management, self-service, end user training and other effective means.
  • Achieve the target metrics set for response time and resolution time on both incidents and service requests.
  • Provide ongoing, regular communication back to our customers regarding incident status updates, due date assignments, progress updates, etc.

Thank you,

Mick Johnson
Managing Director, Doosan Digital Innovation of America (DISA)

Mick Johnson signature

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