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Establishment & growth 1975~1994

  • 1975, Established OCE

    – Started OCE in 1970s, as one stream of Korea’s IT development.

  • 1984, Established Doosan Computer Co., Ltd.

    – Sold mainframes (digital devices) and provided after-sale services.

  • 1989, Launched as Operation Improvement Center under Planning Division of Doosan Group

    – Integrated IT departments of Doosan companies into one.

  • 1994, Established Doosan corp. I&C

    – Established Doosan corp. I&C in Apr. 1994.

Doosan corp. I&C expansion 1995~2015

  • 2000, Launched as Doosan corp. I&C Business Unit

    – A business unit within Doosan group and currently I&C BU

  • 2004, Introduced 6 Sigma

    – Implemented 6 Sigma, to innovate I&C

  • 2005, Absorbed IT resources from Doosan Heavy Industries

    – Rebadged 39 IT resources of Doosan Heavy Industries to I&C.

  • 2007, Absorbed IT resources from Doosan Infracore

    – Rebadged 71 IT resources of Doosan Infracore to I&C

  • 2008, Built Suji Data Center

    – Built data center in Suji Research Institute and integrated infrastructure that has been distributed in Seoul, Kyunggi regions, etc. to establish competencies for IT services.

  • 2009, Implemented ERP in Doosan Infracore

    – Established Global Single Instance-based ERP system, integrating information systems distributed globally and standardizing global processes and significantly saved costs through operation efficiency. And global standard process rollout was carried out in phases by 2010, integrating businesses of Construction Equipment, Industrial Vehicles, Machine Tools and Engine, in Korea and China. Global operation structure was established, setting the foundation for global top-tier operation of Infracore.

  • 2010, Implemented Group Portal (Doodream) system

    – Successfully implemented Doodream 4.0 system, which was designed for single point of entry for all information & application systems within Doosan group, to all Doosan affiliates globally.

  • 2011, Provided IT Infrastructure cloud service

    – Provided IT infrastructure cloud service, to enhance the efficiency of infrastructure and generated group-wide synergies.

  • 2011, Established Doosan Information & Communications America (DSIA)

    – Established Doosan Information & Communications America(DSIA) on Jul. 1st, 2011, setting the foundation for evolving into a global IT service provider and actively started to provide overseas IT services.

  • 2011, Established Doosan Information & Communications, China (DSIC)

    – Established Doosan Information & Communications China(DSIC) in Beijing, China, on Dec. 1st, 2011 and provided more professional IT services to Doosan affiliates in China.

  • 2012, Implemented ERP for Doosan Corp.

    – Re-implemented ERP system for Doosan corp., improving financial/business management system and strengthened business capabilities via advanced operation processes. Global process standardization was pursued, through rollout to 4 overseas entities of Electro-material BG and I&C’s China entity within Doosan corp.

  • 2012, Deployed and expanded VDI

    – Implemented and expanded VDI for smart working environment, turning Doosan’s confidential information into asset, strengthening information security and operation efficiency.

  • 2013, Established DI global helpdesk

    – Established integrated global helpdesk to support all IT service 24*7, reinforcing the expertise of supporting affiliates and enhancing global IT service level.

  • 2013, Expanded Lync, group messenger to all affiliates

    – Expanded Lync, group messenger to all Doosan affiliates in Dec. 2013. Lync provided the messenger feature, as an additional means of communications, on top of telephony and emails, allowing selection of an appropriate communications method to better suit the circumstances. By facilitating video conferencing, existing in-person meeting/reporting could be also changed online, removing waste of resources and inefficiency during the course of communications and collaboration.

  • 2014, Established DSIE, EMEA entity

    – I&C established Doosan Information & Communications Europe(DSIE) to strengthen global business support capability, by continuing to secure overseas hubs, with a total of 23 resources (14 in Renfrew and 9 in Crawley, UK) in UK. DSIE support Bobcock’s applications, IT infrastructure (server, network, etc.) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems.

  • 2014, Started to provide IT service for Doosan Fuel Cell America

    – Formed IT service Master Service Agreement with, Doosan Fuel Cell America, supporting new business and expanding I&C service portfolio.

  • 2015, Established DSIE-CZ (DSIE)

    – I&C established DSIE Czech branch on Jan. 1st,2015, 8 months after the establishment of DSIE (May 1st,2014), to enhance global business execution competencies, via the network of overseas hub. DSIE-CZ is the branch office of DSIE, located in Plzeň, Czech, and provides IT operation service to Skoda Power, with 8 local IT resources.

New business expansion 2015~Present

  • 2015, Initiated ICT BI/BDA Platform Cloud service

    – Developed and deployed ICT BI/BDA Platform Cloud, supporting group’s mid/long-term ICT business and facilitating business innovation of Doosan affiliates.

  • 2015, Integrated IT service of Skoda Power

    – DSIE expanded IT service to other Doosan affiliates in EMEA region, by incorporating IT service of SKoda Power.

  • 2016, Implemented GPDM for Infracore

    – Executed Global PDM system project for Infracore, supporting the improvement of Infracore’s design and production processes

  • 2016, Implemented Integrated system for Doosan’s Duty Free business

    – Opened on/off-line systems together, for the first time in duty free business, setting the foundation for customer’s revenue growth. I&C service portfolio has been expanded, through POS authentication for duty free business, 4th generation network authentication, overall IT infrastructure implementation, etc.

  • 2016, Implemented F1 project MES for Electro-materials

    – Carried out MES implementation SI project, focusing on facility automation of Doosan corp. Electro-materials BG and contributed to stronger production efficiency, by interfacing and integrating the existing MES data, including ERP and I/F implementation

  • 2016, Constructed ICT convergence wind power monitoring system

    – Analyzed wind power operation data of Doosan Heavy Industries and implemented monitoring system for wind power plants. RMS service for the existing power generation products could be expanded to new power generation energy and this contributed to DHI’s growth in wind power generation business

  • 2017, Implemented Global HRIS(Human Resource Information System) for Doosan group

    – Kicked off Global HRIS implementation for global HR operation support of Doosan group in Feb., 2014. Phased rollout of Wave 1 (Korea and APJ), Wave 2 (key entities in NA/EMEA) and Wave 3 (other global entities) was carried out and all group affiliates’’ HR data and processes were finally integrated into one system, in Feb. 2017. During the course of the project, 3 rounds of global tests and user test of global employees (at the end of 2016) were completed and GHRIS finally went live for all Doosan employees globally, in Mar. 2017. GHRIS represents the first case in Korea of deploying SAP HR solution for the whole group based on single instance and contributes to standardized service of critical HR data and processes.

  • 2017 Implementing Remote Monitoring System (RMS) in Dongtan 2 Cogeneration Plant

    Starting from RMS implementation for Yeongwol Cogeneration Plant in 2012, I&C has expanded RMS service to Yangju Cogeneration Plant, Hanam Cogeneration Plant and to Dangjin Thermal power plant. In 2017, operation data of gas turbines in Dongtan 2 Cogeneration plant is monitored in real-time in DHI RMS center. I&C has implemented Early warning system, Turbine rotor vibration analysis system,  Turbine start-up analysis system, etc. and also built big data analysis environment for DHI products and  continues to significantly contribute to DHI’s power generation service expansion.

  • 2017 Initiating Doosan Brand Center service

    I&C started to provide Doosan Brand Center service, supporting standard guideline/manuals, design review approval, production and supply service for Doosan CI and brand management. In so doing, I&C contributes to operation efficiency and advanced processes related to brand management

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