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Meet Our People

Here, we take a look at the stories of Doosan people who perform excellently with their professionalism and pioneering mindset, who have good teamwork and who contribute to successful organization with flexible thinking. They are the Doosan people who grow together with Doosan.

Doosan with Harmonious High Aspirants

Hello, everyone. I’m Hyogyeong Shim. I joined the company in the second half of 2008 and am now working at the DHI Production IT Team. I am responsible for Doosan HIC ERP system operation.

Doosan provides many opportunities and creates an environment for employees to grow through work. In 2012, our company performed activities to improve corporate culture by division and I took the change agent leader position at the level of new employees in the DHI Division. I planned events where some 60 employees, from new employees, to team heads and managing directors, could mingle, while also preparing action items to foster and nurture the Division’s smart working culture. I could thus contribute to activating our corporate culture. At first I was worried whether other employees would follow me since I was a fairly new employee having worked only three years, but they were cooperative, thus improving our corporate culture from a year earlier.

Doosan invests massively in bolstering its global business capabilities so that it deserves the title of a global company. I began studying English harder than I did before I joined the company. We can participate in diverse English programs, such as phone/video English courses and external English schools, as well as backpack trips. In 2011, I had some memorable moments during my 2-week backpack trip to Europe. My friends working at other large companies envied me working for a company that support a 2 week backpack trip and the maximum two-week refreshing vacation system.

In addition, at DHI Division, we are given the opportunity to work at the overseas subsidiaries and production sites of Doosan HIC. In 2012 I went to Doosan VINA, Vietnam’s largest plant of Doosan HIC, to discuss the ERP systems. I saw local Vietnamese employees and Korean employees work together and felt Doosan as a genuinely global company. Despite such a short trip, I was welcomed warmly by local employees, leading me to think that Doosan’s Inhwa (harmony) sprit was not just limited to Korea, but stretched to global Doosan.

I like the ad copy of Doosan, “The best team is not the team comprising No. 1 people, but the team of people comprising No. 1 aspirants.” Doosan values those aspirants and provides opportunities for them to be nurtured. I wish many such young aspirants would join us.

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